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Is Flossing for the Dogs?

It seems like there’s conflicting evidence for how to look after your teeth. One site says brushing your teeth is pointless, while another says that flossing is for the dogs. Flossing is definitely not for the dogs, particularly if you’ve ever tried to brush or floss their teeth. But one thing can be agreed upon—we do need to look after our teeth through a variety of methods. It seems like there’s always something for someone to complain about. Why there are still hard or firm bristled toothbrushes is beyond us, here at Bella Smiles, but often it’s what sells. And people can simply be flossing the wrong way, then not rinsing their mouths out after they floss.

While most people brush their teeth at least once a day, there are still an overwhelming majority who don’t floss their teeth at all. According to a 2015 case study done by the American Academy of Periodontology, they found that 27% of people lie to their dentists about how often they floss. Is this because dentists in Las Vegas love to hear that their patients floss every day?

For many of these people, they would admit to doing other unpleasant tasks besides flossing their teeth. We’re not sure what this means, but perhaps the activities involve sticking a toothbrush inside their cat’s mouth to see what happens.

The ADA Center for Evidence Based Dentistry even says that routinely using floss is not supported by scientific evidence. Wow, so it’s okay to leave all that gunk on our teeth? The floss-free group in the study apparently didn’t have any more evidence of dental caries than the group who did floss. Just what were they feeding the test subjects—gin?

So, is it possible that the study was right? It’s time to take a step back and consider common sense. Look what happened to our grandparents who never brushed or flossed their teeth. Most likely you’re still horrified by the dentures they love to show off at family events. Yep, chances are you started brushing your teeth regularly after you saw that.

As for flossing your teeth, yes, it takes a while to learn the technique, be gentle on your gums, and get that debris out. But it sure feels good to have a freshly flossed mouth after it’s done. Perhaps there needs to be a study done on how to encourage people to do their flossing, and not by using those dental picks that are rapidly filling up our landfills.

Here at Bella Smiles, we believe that dentistry is more than about fixing teeth. It’s about preventative maintenance. We now have a generation of people who will never be faced with wearing dentures, or having implants done. Yes, there may still be some who need cosmetic dentistry or veneers, because of accidents or genetics.

You have to take these articles lightly. Please continue brushing and flossing your teeth, as it makes good sense! It’ll save you the pain, aggravation, and expense of visiting an emergency dentist!

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