Exam And Cleaning


Regular cleanings and examinations are the key to long term oral health, and can prevent many painful dental situations if caught early. In addition to performing a cleaning, the series of dental examination steps include:

  • An Oral Cancer Exam (if needed)
  • A periodontal exam where we measure pocket depths while documenting areas of bleeding and gum infection
  • An existing decay examination
  • An X-ray series to check for infection/decay in between the teeth and below the visual gum line
  • An examination of existing restorations for leaks and cracks
  • Checking for loose teeth, shifting and drifting teeth
  • Checking your bite for wear facets and TMJ problems
  • An evaluation of your smile for orthodontic and cosmetic issues
  • A consultation with you about any additional concerns

We reserve time specifically for you. We also do everything in our power to get you in and out on time.

For that, we need your help! Please direct us to a time of day that works best and where there will be the least chances of something coming up that would interrupt your treatment.