Smile Makeover


Enhancing your smile can dramatically change your appearance. At Bella Smiles, we offer a variety of options to change the aesthetics of a smile, and they are comfortable procedures that can typically be completed in 2 to 3 easy visits.

Dr. Casey Chow and Dr. Aseem Chawla work closely with patients to create a smile that is specific their their desired shape, brightness, and alignment. Our state of the art technology and materials can ensure crooked teeth to be straightened, Gaps to be closed, “Gummy” smiles to be re-contoured, and stained discolored teeth to be whitened. Anything is possible!

Our Smile makeover process begins with a private, complimentary consultation. Dr. Chow and Dr. Chawla consider many factors when recommending a certain cosmetic procedure to patients, such as face shape, teeth size, and even skin tone. Every smile is individual and unique, and the makeover process is collaborative between patient and doctor.

To learn more about a Bella Smiles Makeover or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office