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Seeing Your Final Smile Before Having It With Digital Smile Design

Cosmetic dentistry can be a scary procedure to do, both for the dentist and the patient, but not regarding the process as such, the scary part is not knowing the outcome. Nowadays, this is being left behind thanks to the innovation and technology advances in the dental science field. Smiles can be created digitally before the process is even done, reducing the dental anxiety of the participants to the ground.

Each day, specialists on cosmetic dentistry are more prepared in regard to dental science and treatments, having the most recent studies, resources, and technology, being able to create an absolute wonderful smile and dental treatment. You will be able to design your own smile and more visiting us at Bella Smiles in Las Vegas.

What is the digital smile design and how is created?

This term simply refers to the capacity of dentists to virtually recreate how the patient´s smile will look like after the treatment is done. Cosmetic dentistry advances every single day making easier and more precise the job that dentists have to do. In just a few steps, your smile will be digitally created following all your preferences and dentist guidelines.

1. The dentist will take a series of photos of the patient´s face, especially the mouth, analyzing all the relations and dimensions that the existing structures have: lips, teeth, chin, nose, eyes, and face as a whole.

2. The patient and the dentist will discuss irregularities, asymmetry, the patient´s complaints and expectations, etc.

3. The dentist takes some measurements of the involved structures and suggests recommendations taking into consideration what the patient wants and the aesthetic principles.

4. The new smile is digitally created considering all the factors.

5. In the end, the dentist presents comparatives models of the original smile and what the new smile would like.

Why is the digital smile design the future of cosmetic dentistry?

Seeing the final smile after is done.In the past, the only way for the dentist to show the patient how his smile would finally appear was through imperfect mockups made by taking impressions of the patient´s smile. Nowadays, this is still done, but instead of waiting long weeks and multiple revisions, the result can be shown digitally in just minutes. Today´s cosmetic dentistry makes all the process easier and more efficient, saving both the dentist and patient a lot of time and money, without leaving anything to the imagination.

More beautiful and better outcomes. With such planning, the result is perfect. The digital vision of what the dentist will try to recreate allows him to refine his vision and put the final image in his head before the real work starts. We at Bella Smiles are decided to prove you we are the best option for your smile by doing all that has to be done for you to get a beautiful smile.

Better dentist-patient communication.This process allows taking into consideration the recommendations and suggestions made by the dentist and the wishes and expectations of the patient. By showing the final result, the dentist can explain better what he wants to do, not like the old method in which the explanation was verbal, leaving much room for misinterpretation. Our experts at Bella Smiles will pay you the right attention you deserve, answering all your questions and doubts.

 No more anxiety. Before, the patient would pass up to a few weeks imagining and stressing about the fact of not knowing how his smile would look like. Experts say that involving the patient more and more into the process gives him a chance of falling in love with his future and now possible smile. Physically being able to see the finished smile makes the patient feel comfortable with going into the procedure

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